Please Remember  


NOT the TIPM module  

Typical Symptoms of TIPM Failure

·      Fuel pump not turning off and burning out

·      Starter cranks but won’t start

·      Car suddenly dies or acts like it is out of gas

·      Engine stalling while driving

·      Doors locking or unlocking themselves

·      Airbags not deploying OR deploying randomly

·      Wipers suddenly go on and off or wipers don’t work at all

·      Power windows not working

·      Dome lights, not working, getting stuck

·      Backup lights, not working, getting stuck

·      Horn is stuck on and is draining battery, horn starts blaring

Our Repair:  

We disassemble the TIPM down to the green circuit board; test all relays on the circuit board for continuity and resistance.

We then replace any defective relays that test out of spec with newer updated relays from the original manufacturer.

After installing the relays we test them again, clean the circuit board and outer plastics from dust, debris or any other foreign matter that should not be on or in there. We also test all the outer relays and fuses as well.

Removing your TIPM before you send in:

If you do not feel comfortable doing the above, ask a mechanic to remove the TIPM and then send it to us!

Step #1: Remove the negative cable from your battery.

Step #2: Open the lid of the TIPM and remove the nut(s). Do not lose the nut(s). Once the nut(s) is removed, take the cable off of the bolt and move it out of the way.

Step #3: Unclip the TIPM. You can use a flat head screwdriver to unclip each clip one at a time. Gently pull upwards on the TIPM.

Step #4: Unplug all connections on the bottom of the TIPM. The connectors are color coded. They have a rotating clamp on each connector. Pay close attention to this step as you will need to reinstall them when you receive your repaired TIPM back.


By sending us your TIPM, you take full responsibility for any harm or damage that may occur to your vehicle, its occupants,
or any person or property as a direct or indirect result of your replacement of this part or work performed on it.

If you are concerned with the operation of the TIPM and the safety associated with this repair, please take your vehicle to the repair center or dealership of your choice and have it serviced there.

Shipping Details: 

Our free return shipping ( USA addresses only ) is regular USPS priority service ($50 insurance and no signature confirmation)

Overnight FedEx shipping is also available for additional $95 

Please text your email address to us (305 219 8235) if you need the overnight service so we can send you a PayPal invoice for the related amount 

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions